St.Jane Hotel with Youth and Yarrow

I’ve waited for the bus across the street from St. Jane Hotel more times than I can count. While listening to the reggae beats of Mr. Brown’s Lounge, I’ve glanced into the posh window of Free Reign and glimpsed into a life more stylish than mine.

Until today.

St. Jane Hotel and Youth and Yarrow held a holiday floral workshop. Participants could design their own floral arrangement. Who doesn’t like flowers?

I walked into the hotel and was blown away by the beauty of the hotel, the Christmas decorations, and the luxury of flowers and champagne.

I was greeted with champagne!!

Yes, champagne and flowers – two luxuries that I enjoy but rarely fit into a holiday gift buying budget.

We started the workshop by manning our flower stations. We chose from assorted greenery. Then the lesson began. The workshop taught us how to properly cut flower stems (on an angle). We estimated the length of the stem using the table.

The final product:

The hotel was beyond posh. The lounge / guest area was a heavenly photo opportunity. The Christmas decorations were the icing on the cake.

The hotel lobby

The guest / lounge area

The bar / restaurant, Free Rein

Thank you St. Jane Hotel for infusing holiday luxury into my life !

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