Ear Seed Sparkle

I first learned about ear seeds this winter from Adrienne J. Orenstein DACM, L.Ac, RN (AJ) at a Lively Event in Lincoln Park. Ear seeds are an acupressure device.

What is acupressure ?

Energy is thought to travel in paths or roads called meridians throughout the body. Sometimes that energy gets blocked, like a traffic jam. By stimulating certain points, or applying pressure along the meridian roads, we can breakup any blockages and get energy flowing.

What is an ear seed?

They are stickers that stick to your ear. On each sticker lies a tiny bead. The beads come in silver, gold, and Swarovski crystals.

Ear seeds are attached to a person’s ear. When you are stressed, you apply pressure to the bead. You leave them on for five days (or until they fall off). They are actually a form of auriculotherapy.

AJ attaching ear seeds

Did they fall off?

My ear seeds stayed on for the full five days. I showered and washed my hair everyday. I confess, I went against what AJ told me and left them on for seven days because I thought they looked so cool. Regardless, the sticker stayed in one piece and no beads detached. Beads did not fall down my drain or in my ear.

Did they hurt?

No. When applied properly, ear seeds do not hurt. Even when I pressed on the seeds, I did not feel pain. I am a side sleeper, and I did not experience any pain while sleeping.

Did they work?

I told AJ that I suffered from migraines. She placed the seeds in specific areas on my ear. I did experience less migraine symptoms the week I wore the seeds. Personally, I thought they looked pretty and that was enough incentive for me to wear them. The Swarovski crystals catch the light and show up really well in photographs.

Where can I get ear seeds?

For a professional placement, reach out to A J- Her website is The Acupuncture Authority Book an appointment via www.stellashaven.com, her Instagram or her email aj@theacupuntureauthority.com

You can also purchase ear seeds on Amazon or visit the facebook page, earseeds.com.

Preview the process here or watch the full video on my Instagram post.

The finished product:

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