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  • Week Three Journal: Meditation is a new high

    Week Three Journal: Meditation is a new high

    Our assignment was to journal our meditation. We were to meditate one day a week until the next class and journal our reactions. I mainly use sound meditations in the morning. Each meditation lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. Day 1: I meditate in the morning before work. My body feels good. It is quiet…

  • Week Two: Getting a Routine

    Week Two:  Getting a Routine

    From now on posts will be split into a recap of the week and journal assignments Class 3: One of the perks of attending teaching training, is we are allowed to take yoga classes at the studio at any time a class is scheduled. I opted to take the Wednesday class of week two. It…

  • Yoga Journey Begins

    Yoga Journey Begins

    Am I too old for this? There are so many things on my personal bucket list I’ve checked off this year. I’m not talking about society’s bucket list of good job, marriage, kids, vacation. I’m talking about a personal bucket list – things you are unexplainably drawn to. Things that make no sense but feel…