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Week Three Journal: Meditation is a new high

Our assignment was to journal our meditation. We were to meditate one day a week until the next class and journal our reactions. I mainly use sound meditations in the morning. Each meditation lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. Day 1: I meditate in the morning before work. My body

Week Three Recap – Meditation and Super Mario

Week Three, Class Five: I missed class, but watched on-line at a later date. We learned about the invocation prayer that is dedicated to all teachers. We say it at the beginning of each class. We also did some sun salutations. We learned about the bandas. They are places in

Week 2 Assignment: Journal the journey of meditation

I do no remember learning how to meditate, yet I have always been able to meditate. I compare it to languages. I do not remember learning to speak or read. Yet if I try to read or speak in another language it is difficult. The most difficult thing about learning

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