• Battle of the Holiday Bars

    Battle of the Holiday Bars

    Frosty’s versus Santa Baby Battle of the Holiday Bars 2019 begins. My friends and I first visited Frosty’s and then later in the week, trekked to Santa Baby bar. Warning: This battle of the bars lacks objectivity – I went to Frosty’s at night and Santa Baby in the daytime. Frosty’s Time Visited: Night Parking: […]

  • Bumble 2020 Vision Board Party

    Bumble 2020 Vision Board Party

    2020. Close your eyes. What do you see? What is your vision? I make resolutions. I read horoscopes. I make wishes when I see 11:11. Last year felt like a roller-coaster in both good ways and bad ways. When my friend suggested going to Portia King’s Bumble 2020 Vision Party, I was all in. This […]

  • The One of a Kind Show

    The One of a Kind Show

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. I went to Chicago’s One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart. I went without a game plan, but with a two hour time limit. I was determined to only find things that stood out from the usual art, jewelry, and kitsch. This is […]

  • St.Jane Hotel with Youth and Yarrow

    St.Jane Hotel with Youth and Yarrow

    I’ve waited for the bus across the street from St. Jane Hotel more times than I can count. While listening to the reggae beats of Mr. Brown’s Lounge, I’ve glanced into the posh window of Free Reign and glimpsed into a life more stylish than mine. Until today. St. Jane Hotel and Youth and Yarrow […]

  • Walnut Meat Tacos

    Walnut Meat Tacos

    Quarantine life has given me time to enjoy cooking. I got a craving for tacos the other day, so I made one of my favorite vegan dishes- walnut meat tacos. Make this recipe your own by adding what you have and using what you like. For example, garlic salt may be used instead of fresh […]

  • Charming Chia

    Charming Chia

    Does anyone remember the Chia Pet? I loved the commercial, and I apologize if you now have the chia song from the commercial playing in your head. You can buy the same seeds at the grocery store that are used to grow grass on the Chia Pet. I tried many times to make and like […]

  • Italy Towels

    Someone once told me my body was as smooth as silk. If he only knew how hard I work to tame my alligator skin. My holy trinity for smooth skin are dry skin brushing, the Italy towel, and the Konjac sponge. The best part about my secrets to smooth skin – you can buy all […]

  • Ear Seed Sparkle

    I first learned about ear seeds this winter from Adrienne J. Orenstein DACM, L.Ac, RN (AJ) at a Lively Event in Lincoln Park. Ear seeds are an acupressure device. What is acupressure ? Energy is thought to travel in paths or roads called meridians throughout the body. Sometimes that energy gets blocked, like a traffic […]


    Technically this is supposed to be an introduction page. I wanted to start the introduction by saying , Hello and thank you for visiting. Why am I writing this blog? When I was a teenager in the suburbs, I dreamed of living in the city of Chicago. I would read the Chicago Tribune’s Tempo section […]