• November 2020 photo diary

    November 2020 photo diary

    Where photo meets the page….

  • October 2020 Nature photo diary

    October 2020 Nature photo diary

    Where photo meets the page…

  • October 2020 Photo Diary

    October 2020 Photo Diary

    Where photo meets the page…

  • September 2020 Photo Diary

    September 2020 Photo Diary

    Where the photo meets the page…

  • Summer Sendoff in Monee

    Summer Sendoff in Monee

    This summer has introduced me to a newfound love of nature. I have been camping more times than I can count, but this summer and during the pandemic is the first time I actively sought out nature. When I saw an event for kayaking and a cookout for $20 at the Monee Reservoir, I signed […]

  • Lakeshore Drive-In and Lovecraft Country

    Lakeshore Drive-In and Lovecraft Country

    Going to the Drive-In during COVID I haven’t been to a drive-in since the late nineties. If memory serves me correctly, I saw a double feature of Twister and Erasure in the south suburbs. And in the movie Twister, a tornado hits a drive-in. This experience was much better. And full of so many joyful […]

  • Poetry Photos

    Poetry Photos

    Where poetry meets the photo and magic happens.

  • September 2020 Nature Photo Diary

    September 2020 Nature Photo Diary

    Where the photo meets the page….

  • August 2020 Nature Photo Diary

    August 2020 Nature Photo Diary

    Where the photo meets the page… Is it really September? Let’s toast to the last days of summer. These pictures were taken in August 2020. During this crazy year, nature was a healing escape. The first picture is a pumpkin. They are yellow and then become orange.

  • August 2020 Photo Diary

    August 2020 Photo Diary

    Where the photo meets the page… Welcome to a new series on the blog – my pandemic photo diary. Whenever I venture outside, I notice something new about the city. I thought I’d share the little pockets of life that catch my eye. Join me on my adventures. The following photos were taken on the […]

  • Glitter is my favorite color

    Glitter is my favorite color

    I was a teenager of the nineties. When I lived in the burbs, we had one store, Radio Swap, that sold cool nineties accoutrements: cassette tapes, psychedelic accessories, Manic Panic hair dye, silver body jewelry, etc. Quality glitter was almost obsolete in the suburbs. Glitter was not the easiest thing to obtain, but a makeup […]

  • DayGleam


    On January 19, 2020, MadeMaven held the ultimate self care social at the Roosevelt Collection Shops. The day addressed body, mind, and spirit. I was excited and thankful to attend; I am always looking for ways to polish the Diamond Life. The day was broken into loose segments of workouts, self-care, a la carte treatments, […]