Week Two: Getting a Routine

From now on posts will be split into a recap of the week and journal assignments

Class 3:

One of the perks of attending teaching training, is we are allowed to take yoga classes at the studio at any time a class is scheduled. I opted to take the Wednesday class of week two. It is with a different teacher. I felt incredibly calm and relaxed afterwards. We learned more about the Yamas and Niyamas, history of yoga. We went a little deeper into the poses and learned tadasna.

I thought asanas or poses were static. And there is so much to learn. Tadasana is mountain pose. Before this training, I would stand, arms engaged. But let’s face it, I just pretty much stood there. Now, learning about the pose, I feel almost like I’m studying medicine. They are variations on the pose, ways to modify the pose and when not to do a pose. We are given hand outs to study.

Class 4 : on-line adventures

I remember I had a hellish day of verbal abuse at work and was so glad that the class was online. I came home after a walk and quickly made dinner. I was mixing pasta as we logged on. We explored tadasna and how to teach it. I admit it – I was not prepared to be on camera. I was at home in old leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. I tried not to look at myself on the zoom camera and concentrate on the material.

It was so different to teach something. And on camera. I had trouble because I was anxious if I remembered anything. I had trouble coordinating my breath to the moves and being consistent. Also time seems to slow down as I teach. I can not gauge if I am going too fast or not fast enough. Everyone else seemed so together. One of my classmates has a voice made for yoga – she allows just the right amount of time between the poses and breaths. The other is a teacher in training and is a born instructor – clear, consistent, and well timed. My third classmate remembers so much and is so open and together. I feel a mess, but everyone is very positive. And although we all sat through the same material, it is very cool to see the variety in teaching methods. Everyone brings a little piece of themselves to the teaching.

This is never something I’ve really thought about. The amount of time between breaths. The amount of talking. What is calming. What is needed (more instruction for newer students). I am learning so much.

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