On January 19, 2020, MadeMaven held the ultimate self care social at the Roosevelt Collection Shops. The day addressed body, mind, and spirit. I was excited and thankful to attend; I am always looking for ways to polish the Diamond Life. The day was broken into loose segments of workouts, self-care, a la carte treatments, snacks, and inspirational panels.

Mavens in Movement:

From the moment I arrived, I was surrounded with greatness. Participants were treated to a special workout with Olympian, Aja Evans. Aja is an Olympic medalist bobsledder who competes as a brakeman. In 2014, she won a bronze medal at the Olympics.

After the workout, I had some time before the panels started. I visited the vendors. There were all kinds of products to nourish your body inside and out- there was a collection of natural skincare, shea butters, diamond pens, waist beads, to flavored and crystallized waters.

There was a wide selection of CBD products. I had no idea some of these products existed. Most products emphasized consumer choice. Sip Soak & Smoke makes herbs that you can sip, soak, and smoke. Variety is the spice of life. MonCheriMeds and Organic Memories are both family based companies inspired by family. According to their business card, “Mon Cheri inspired us in her battle with brain cancer.”

Before the panels began, I decided to get something to eat. I’d already tried the Chicago French Press coffees after the workout. One of the smoothest coffees ever. The Coconut Creme and Maple Pecan flavors warmed a bitterly cold Chicago day. I saw vegan options.

The angels must have mixed this batch of vegan mac and cheese from This Girl’s Grub. Unlike dairy mac and cheese, I did not get itis from vegan mac and cheese. I was sated, but I did not have a heavy feeling in my stomach. I did not get pasta sleepy.

Wellness Treatments

Depending on the ticket package selected, a VIP swag bag and/or a self-care treatment(s) were included. A la carte treatments included massage, facials, nail color and art, and henna.

Power Panels

The mac and cheese revived me in time for the Power Panels. The advice, wisdom, and camaraderie were exactly what I needed. I left with that same good feeling of connection that comes from belly laughing during an unfiltered night out with friends as well as the peace and wisdom that is derived in church. The advice given during the panels really resonated with me. The panel gave the audience a sneak peek of how real women started, managed and thrived founding their own businesses.

I prefer attending events with friends. The great thing about this event – I was never alone. I made friends even while sitting down. I met Robyn, part of chigher, Courtney, a Chicago blogger at contourswithcourt, and Charmaine Moore who runs faceofhopeandbeauty.

I met Taylor, The Water Therapist. During her childhood, she felt unable to voice her opinion. As an adult, she unbottled her emotions. She distilled her healthy practice into 32 flavors of water. An emotional detox can manifest physically.

A picture can express a thousands words, but it cannot express the feeling of community, networking and healing. At the start of the panels, Kris Christian told the audience that DayGleam was a safe space, reminding us that self-care may start within, but is nourished by a healthy community.

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