Italy Towels

Someone once told me my body was as smooth as silk. If he only knew how hard I work to tame my alligator skin. My holy trinity for smooth skin are dry skin brushing, the Italy towel, and the Konjac sponge. The best part about my secrets to smooth skin – you can buy all three for under $20. This week I will share my experience with the Italy towel.

Italy Towel $4.99

Until a year ago, I’d never heard of an Italy towel. I was talking with my friend Stephanie, and she raved about them. I was intrigued- I consider myself a beauty product junkie, but didn’t know about the Italy towel. So I did my research and found out an Italy towel is an exfoliating mitten. I found this Apartment Therapy article helpful on the Italy towel process.

With an Italy towel, you will need to soak the skin you are intending to exfoliate for at least twenty minutes. Next, you wet the Italy towel and rub your skin (some use a circular motion, but I have also used an up and down motion). Dead skin will begin to appear. After I watched Buzzfeed’s you tube video, People Get Korean Body Scrubs for the First Time, I was determined to try the Italy towel.

There were too many choices and prices on Amazon. Fortunately, last September, I was in West Loop and popped into HMart and found a selection of Italy towels (for face and body). I picked a three pack Italy towel (for face) and an Italy towel for the back. And then I took a bath. I started to use my Italy towel. And was promptly grossed out. Beads of dead skin started to appear all over. The more I rubbed, the more dead skin appeared. It was like popping a pimple – satisfying in that sick twisted way.

The weird plastic thing on my bathtub is a SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover. It allows you to fill the tub as full as possible without it draining. I found mine on Amazon and highly recommend it.

I rinsed off, and I have never felt so soft. The towel pictured is the facial towel. From what I understand, it is more gentle than the normal green or yellow Italy towels.

For those of you who still aren’t convinced about the power of the Italy towel, there is a man that makes a living – a very good living – with an Italy towel.

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