Technically this is supposed to be an introduction page. I wanted to start the introduction by saying , Hello and thank you for visiting.

Why am I writing this blog?

When I was a teenager in the suburbs, I dreamed of living in the city of Chicago. I would read the Chicago Tribune’s Tempo section and marvel at all the cool events and places seemed a world away. The city seemed the epitome of newness, adventure, and fun.

I started this blog to show that it is never too late to keep the promises we made to our teenage selves. It took awhile, but I now live in the city. It was a long journey, but I want to experience the best of what life has to offer. This blog is a tribute to the Diamond Life.

The Diamond Life Adventures relates to the saying, “We should not compete with each other.” I am not in competition or comparison; I am looking to live my best life, my best adventure. What I consider luxury and fun may not appeal to everyone; certain facets of city life – music, art, theater, champagne, fine dining, festivals, and cultural institutions make my life sparkle.

I blog publicly because we all like to live vicariously. Facebook and Instagram are great, but the blog allows me more more space to play with words and pictures. I want to share the little pockets of city living that have gilded my memories.

Thank you for visiting.

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